Whether you have been trading for over a decade or less than a week
you will discover that binary options are a new and better way to trade.

Binary-options trading may sound complicated, however once you get the basics right the trading world will be much clearer.
This is the new and modern way to trade Indices, Commodities and Currencies.

VXmarkets will guide you to a successful trading!
Our Personal lessons cover all fields needed to maximize your trading skills and strategies.

Introduction to the Binary Options trading world

Binary options are an estimation of underlying assets performance during a given time frame. To understand the beauty of Binary Option trading, the first lesson will take you through the basic terminology and complete platform walk-through.

Maximize your potential

Knowledge is Power. On this lesson we’ll use our knowledge to turn weakness into strengths. The fifth lesson is all about developing a sixth sense.

Market Liquidity and Fundamental analysis

Analyzing the Market is what gives you an advantage over all other traders. The second lesson is focusing on understanding the correlation between Market trend and the Trading strategy.

Traders and markets psychology

Reading the psychology of markets is a core trading skill. Markets, like people, behave inpatterns which can be identified by a skilled Trader. The sixth lesson is all about turning you to a skilled experienced trader.

Technical analysis, Reading charts like a Pro

Charts can be confusing sometimes, we are here to help! The third lesson will give you the full ability to translate graphs into money.

Advanced Technical analysis

Now that the basics are build-in, it’s time to go deeper into the numbers and learn how to forecast the next trend by using an advanced chart. This 7th and the last lesson will complete your trading knowledge with sufficient tools to become a successful Trader.

Implementing Trading

There is a variety of trading strategies for all types of traders. During the fourth lesson, you will be exposed to the advanced binary option strategies, and learn how to implement them while trading.